Something good to say about Microsoft Internet Explorer

I’ve been a proponent of using any browser OTHER than Microsoft Internet Explorer for as long as I can remember.  In fact, I used Netscape Navigator from before Internet Explorer came about and continued using it until some time after it was purchased by AOL and its development stunted.  Once it was clear that Netscape’s browser would no longer be improving, I switched over to Mozilla Firefox.  At first it was a step back, but it has quickly become one of the best internet browsers that I’ve ever used.

I’ve said in the past that you can browse the internet more securely using Firefox compared to Internet Explorer.  However, a report has recently been issued that puts Internet Explorer ahead of other browsers in protecting against socially engineered malware.  This kind of malware convinces you to click on something so as to install a program.

Now, this isn’t an overwhelming reason to switch to using Internet Explorer, but it’s a good enough one that I don’t have to twist the arms of my clients to move away from it.

A good overview of the results and some of the dissenting commentary is available from this article at InfoWorld.

I’ll say what I’ve said in the past with regard to this kind of malware.  If you get a popup that says you’re infected with untold amounts of bad software, it’s likely to be a lie unless you can see clearly that it’s the anti-malware software that you know was already installed on the computer.  Following this advice should save you from a good percentage of the malware out there regardless of which browser you use.

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