New version of Microsoft Security Essentials available

Microsoft Security Essentials, the free anti-malware software that I recommend, has an upgrade available, although you wouldn’t know it by visiting the site.  You’ll kind of know it by looking at the program as it has slightly changed its appearance.  Not greatly, so you’ll just have to pay close attention to see the changes (I won’t spoil it for you).

A key reason I’ve recommended Security Essentials is that it’s light on the system.  One of the reasons that I don’t like the well-known brands (e.g. Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, Panda, etc.) is how much of the system resources they use to do their job.  For the big guys, I see this as a combination of a pretty interface and trying to outdo each other by making sure magazine reviews show them with lots of check marks (i.e. does it do this, that, and the other thing).

Security Essentials 2.0 has become more efficient at its job and is even lighter than the previous version.  I’ve already installed it and I’ll be steadily updating my clients as I see them.  For the time being, Microsoft hasn’t rolled out an automatic update of Security Essentials.  I imagine that they’ll do so in the next month or so.

One potential downside of upgrading is that the installation may change your Automatic Updates setting to install automatically.  If you’ve set Automatic Updates to a setting which requires you to manually install or initiate, you may have to set it back to your desired setting after updating to Security Essentials 2.0

The bottom line is that this is a worthy upgrade.  If you have another free anti-malware software that you’re using, I recommend that you give Security Essentials a look.  If you’re using an anti-malware that costs money, let its subscription run out and then give this one a look.

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