Eat that IE!!!!

Microsoft Internet Explorer is losing popularity in favor or Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

I’ve stated previously how I’ve generally avoided Internet Explorer (IE) through my browsing years.  Now, it looks like other people are beginning to follow suit.  It was just a few years ago when IE had well over 75% of the market.  Now it’s down to about 57%.

One of the reasons why I’ve encouraged the use of other browsers is that Microsoft has had a tendency of not following standards.  They start off kindly enough, then they say “we think you should do it our way instead.”  This creates a situation where site developers design for IE in mind and their sites are broken when you use any other browser.  For the significant portion of computer users who have a Mac, this can be a problem as IE is no longer available for the Mac (and hasn’t been for many years).

Developers finally started coding their sites against standards or making it so that their sites just continued to work when another browser viewed it.  Microsoft has taken a road toward supporting all of the common standards.  However, they take too long in doing so.  When looking at features, Microsoft took forever before they added tabbed browsing support.  Safari, Firefox, and Opera all had that before IE.

For the first time, Microsoft has lost the top spot in market share in a major market.  In Europe, Firefox is now number one with IE a close second.  It seems that Chrome has eaten away at IE while Firefox has remained fairly steady with its share.

Across the board, all browsers are getting better.  I see the future of browsers as being quite competitive for years to come.  I’m just thankful that most users are beginning to see that there are options other than the big blue E on the desktop.  It gives me hope that all browsers will continue to improve (even IE).

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