More on the Newton

I’ve continued looking for things Newton since my previous article and have found some additional resources.

What I really wanted was a flash memory card for mine.  All I need to do is install one or two pieces of software and my Newton is pretty full.  I can’t even recall what I had on it back in the day. I found some information on flash card compatibility at Apple.  I also found a vendor that has some of the original Apple 2MB cards.  And I found another which has some cards which may work (I’m not 100% confident in these).

When looking for the linear flash memory that would work on a Newton, I found that it has some pretty cool features like true random access and faster read times.  Given how ATA flash has improved over the years, these stats may not be as impressive as they used to be.  I’m not sure linear flash has improved similarly over the years.  Not like you’d notice much performance-wise on such an old device.

If you read the comments in yesterday’s post, the author of the My Apple Newton blog posted a link to his archive of software.  I’ve also found links to Newton Connection for Mac OS XDrivers for ATA flash, wireless cards, and others.  I could continue, but the best list for links I’ve found thus far is at the Newton Phoenix site.

I’ll be playing with this “toy” on and off over the next few weeks.  We’ll see what it can still do.

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