Steve Jobs is ill

Many places (The Register, InfoWorld, New York Times) are now reporting that Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, has taken a leave of absence for medical reasons.  The big problem is that this is a private matter for Steve and everyone is wondering what this means for Apple, what’s really wrong with him, and will this prevent the iPhone from going to other carriers?  (Okay, I made that last one up.)

So far, with Mr. Jobs’s medical issues, we’ve seen Apple continue to grow and develop.  It’s not like the dark time for Apple when he was ousted and the direction for the company was less focused (although, the Newton was developed during that time so it wasn’t all bad).

I’m hoping there will be less madness from the public and the media this time around.  Steve is very involved with his company and is a vital component (especially when compared to CEOs of other companies).  I’m sure there is a plan in place and all will be well with Apple.

I like their products, but I don’t consider myself a “fanboy” in my like of them.  My world wouldn’t end if their products disappeared, but it would certainly be  less colorful.  This issue with Apple’s CEO is going to be a minor one, I am sure.

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