Really, you need better passwords

Continuing from my previous post, it really is important to have different passwords for different sites.  It’s also important to have difficult to hack passwords.

Some analysis of the passwords used was done from those revealed as a result of the Gawker site hack.  This article lists the top 50 passwords used.  Many of them are pathetically easy to hack using a simple brute-force dictionary attack.  The scary one is number 11 on the list was just “0” (zero).  Seriously, a single character password?

At the bottom of that same article is a video which describes a method to create complex, difficult to hack, yet easy to remember passwords.  I recommend using a similar method to create passwords and then mixing it up a bit to make it unique for each site.  If you read the comments on the article, you’ll see how one commenter does this.  The article also mentions some of the software you can use to manage your passwords.

Again, I strongly urge you to consider what passwords you use on internet sites and to start changing them so they are unique to each site and hard to hack.

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