An odd reason to need to backup

Not like you should need a reason as you should be backing up anyway.

The FBI apparently confiscated several servers at a hosting company in an effort to, well, find something. Unfortunately, the FBI isn’t saying what. The end result was that the web sites of several companies went down.

While this is an extremely rare occurrence, it just goes to show you the value of a backup. Regardless of the situation, you really need a second copy of your data or a second machine to mimic the one you have. For most people, just the data are fine. Backup hardware is usually more important to companies (and this usually grows in importance as the size of the company grows).

I keep local copies of my web site so that if my hosting provider were to disappear, I could reconstruct everything at a new company. I’d only be down long enough to notice and find a new host (which is difficult since there’s so much to like about Dreamhost).

So, be sure to keep a second copy of your data somewhere. Without a second copy, you have no insurance against failure.

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