How will you know your credentials have been compromised?

While there are many news reports on companies being hacked and customer information being released into the wild, how will you know you’re one of them? It seems enough people have asked the same question that one of them decided to do something about it.

According to this New York Times blog entry, one man created a tool for family and friends to check to see if their information is out in the wild and he’s opened it up to the public. Check out his Should I Change My Password site to see for yourself.

Some caveats: It’s a little new so there could be some trust issues with the guy who created the site. Also, it doesn’t check every known data breach, only those where he was able to get access to the data to create his database. While he does plan on adding new information to his database as it comes along, we’ll have to wait and see how well he does that.

Right now, I think it’s better than nothing and worth a shot. I checked several of my e-mail addresses and came up with nothing found so I can’t review what happens if something was.

A reminder: Make sure you use different passwords for each site you are on. Especially use different passwords for financial institutions. Don’t use the same password for a site as the e-mail address used to login.

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