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Another place where backup is important

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

There’s been a great amount of impetus toward putting our computer lives in “the cloud.” While it has many advantages (such as being able to access our stuff from anywhere on any device), what happens if your access to the cloud is interrupted or, worse, completely erased?

One person found this out as reported here. He had an image on his Google account of questionable legality. He was notified his entire account had been disabled due to the nature of this image. No one asked for an explanation. There was no one to call. He had a great deal of information, bookmarks, saved articles, etc. tied to this account and it was completely obliterated.

While he was able to recover his account (and remove the image which caused the problem), he has since learned to not rely on one cloud service for everything.

What can you do? I would keep a local copy of everything. I learned this myself the hard way when my blog was hacked. Every time I update the WordPress installation, I also download the entirety of the site so I can maintain a local copy in the event another such hacking occurs. You can also use multiple services to keep copies of bookmarks and the like. Even with Facebook, you have the option to download everything you’ve ever posted.

As long as you have more than one copy, regardless of how you do it, you have a backup. If you have only one copy, it’s at risk of being erased due to accident, failure, or a malicious act.

Getting worried about your own data? I have a special where I set up a backup and follow it up later to make sure it’s working. You can order it here: (offer good for local clients).