How to follow a Twitter feed in your RSS reader

I was using a newsreader to follow various RSS feeds on my primary computer before it died on me last September. When I finally replaced it in May, I found it impossible to follow a new Twitter feed on it. There was no longer an easy link to do so like it the past. Try as I might, I couldn’t find a way around it and Twitter was officially saying it was not supported. However, my old links were still working for the feeds I followed before.

I shelved the idea for a while and today I decided to search for a solution again. I found one which doesn’t require too much manual effort. This post on The Sociable details the steps required to follow someone’s tweets. Just in case something happens to the site, I’ll summarize it below.

The general form of the URL to follow is: where XXX is the numeric ID of the Twitter user. To get the ID, plug in the user name into Then manually subscribe to the feed using your RSS newsreader. For example, the URL for my Twitter feed is

So, until Twitter decided to change things again, this is how you can manage it. I know that I find it easier to follow people this way rather than on Twitter or using a program on my computer. However, I still follow people on Twitter so it counts for them.

Something to keep in mind is that it’s now less convenient to post your own stuff or retweet other posts. You still need to use Twitter for that.

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