If you live in the correct half of the country, you could be entitled to some money

Last month, a settlement was reached with LCD makers under the idea they were conspiring to fix prices. Approximately $500 million will be put into the fund to be distributed to those who purchased a monitor or notebook computer containing one of the LCD units.

I found details at this article which goes into more detail. It also lists the states which are included in the class-action. Sadly, my state is not one of numberswiki.com

them (nor did I live in one of them when I did purchase a potentially qualifying product), so I cannot see what’s coming to me.

I long since stopped being surprised at what large corporations would do. If price fixing did occur, it would be another in a long line of bad things corporations are hated for doing.

If you believe you are part of this class, you can go to lcdclass.com to register.

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