Some give my profession a bad name

In serving customers, reading news, and visiting message boards, I’ve learned there are many in my profession who don’t know how to properly serve customers. Most of the time, it’s a simple matter of the tech support representative not having enough soft, “people” skills. I’ll admit this was difficult for me at first, but one I do feel I’ve learned more than most.

Another big issue is from those companies which outsourced their tech support to some other company (or country in many cases). The problem with this is not having enough control over the product (in this case, end-user support) being delivered to their customers. Sure, it may be cheaper on the books, but at what cost to your reputation? This article shows a prime example of how this can go bad.

The makers of Avast antivirus outsourced their tech support to a company which was then telling customers they had other issues and needed to subscribe to additional services to keep their computers clean. I’ve seen a similar tactic used with many scareware titles to tell you how screwed up your computer is (or how infected). This blog post goes into much greater detail on the issue.

In Avast’s defense, it appears they’ve dropped the irresponsible support company. This should go a great deal toward fixing their reputation as a result.

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