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Have you started backing up your hard drive, yet?

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Last week I spoke about backing up your data and how most people aren’t doing it.  I’m returning to that because I feel it to be very important.

A couple of years ago Google published a report on hard drive failures that they had experienced. Google uses thousands of hard drives in their systems so they have a good idea as to how often they fail.  Engadget did an article on it here (note, the article is approaching four years of age, but I feel the information is still useful).  One of the details they selected was how the drive technology that’s supposed to warn you of failure often doesn’t.  Basically, you can’t use can use any predictive or sensory technology to tell you something bad is going to happen.  You need to be using some kind of insurance so that when something bad does occur, you have the ability to recover from the disaster.

There are many other details discussed in the original report.  If you’re into a long, dry read, you can find the PDF by clicking here.

So, I emphasize again how important it is to be backing up your data.  Your data are far more important than the rest of the computer and the cost of the “insurance” is far less than the cost of having a professional data recovery service extract it from the failed drive.

Backup offer

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

As I indicated yesterday, I have a package deal for a backup ready today.

What I’ve put together is a simple little package of an external hard drive (minimum of one terabyte [equals 1000 gigabytes or 1,000,000 megabytes]), some software, and two hours of my time for setup and follow-up.  While I admit that the software I’ll be implementing doesn’t have its own cost, it is still be very capable and the exact title depends upon your needs.

This is ready whether you have a Mac or a PC, small office or your home.  I come to you and set it up.  I’ll bring the drive and get started straight away.

Just click through to to get started.  I’ve even added an option for a second drive at the same location, this will also add one more hour to the setup and follow-up time.  If you have other work you wish done, you may add time for that as well.

I’ve priced it at a fair $150 for the first drive and my time.  $125 for the second (and more if you wish).  If this seems extraordinary to you, just think of how much it will cost to recover your data should your drive fail without a backup.  Commercial services such as Drive Savers charge an enormous amount to do this.  If you don’t have a backup, you’re either going to use one of those services or deal with the loss of pictures, documents, e-mails, music, etc. that you may never be able to recreate.  As insurance goes, this isn’t expensive given how much your memories mean to you.